My amazing Birthday weekend at Camp Xanadu on Catalina Island.

How I spent the best Birthday weekend ever with a group of amazing a fun people I just met. These beautiful individuals filled me with love throughout the weekend from the time we boarded the boat. We got silly, dressed in costume and in bark on a journey together to rediscover play. It's the most amazing adult summer camp I've yet to attend. I was initiated into my cabin with welcome and open arms, our cabin name "the island foxes".

I took fun improv workshop lead by the hilarious and beautiful Alison Becker. I'm fortune and honored to call Alison a friend. She made my birthday weekend even more special by conquering her fears and sleeping out side with me in hammocks under the stars, on the cliff, by the ocean. Waking up early the next morning to the sound of the ocean was so refreshing and gratifying.

We did yoga on the pier using the wireless headphones by silent disco. The experience is truly unique and special. You put on the headphones, close your eyes and then it's just you and the yoga instructor. You can feel the light waves crashing on the underside of the pier as the sun rise and warmed our bodies. Later that even we returned to the pier to dance our hearts out, once again with the silent disco experience. This time you could feel and see everyone around and feed off they're energy, and yet if you took off the head phones, suddenly all you would hear was the sound of peoples feet hitting the floor in rhythm, it's a fun sensory experience, not to mention awesome music. Eric and I closed the dance floor down and were the last two standing,... we'll three actually, we wouldn't have had all the funky tunes to sweat our ass off to, with out Ariel Segatto our resident DJ for the weekend. 

My pal Dr. Kevin Hainline

Saturday September 30th 2017 my Birthday and what a Birthday it was.  A talent show of all talent shows was put on in front of two ragging camp fires with a cozy ample theater setting. Eric and I had the brilliant idea to dragged out a few mattresses from the empty bunks to line the front row. Soon after other also took suit and got they're seating areas cozy and snuggled in. Beautiful Acroyoga, hula hoop and multiple types of live music was performed. One of the amazing performers was Sean Ptolomek, and I high recommend you check him out. ( I put a link to his music under the picture of him performing) I felt blessed to have some 150 people sing me Happy Birthday. Then it got even more special and was topped off with a beautiful proposal from Peter Dautel to the beautiful Casey Lum. Casey was my cabin leader and is amazing sole, so I felt honored to witness Peter get on one knee and ask for Casey for her hand in marriage.

 Performer: Sean Ptolomek


The boat ride home was the icing on top of the cake, fitting statement for a birthday weekend. Once again we put on the wireless head phones and Ariel Segatto got our hearts pumping with funky tunes. We all danced into the sunset as we cruised back to the main land. I can never forget the amazing weekend I spent at Camp Xanadu and thank everyone that was there for filling my vessel (HEART) with LOVE.


              Funky Fresh DJ Ariel Segatto 

The amazing and huge hearted co-founders of Camp Xanadu Heidi Hong and Ryan Blackstock.