My Custom Wood Brain Bag

My friend Justin Deines from Old North Wind made me a custom wood and leather sunglass case. I really love it! I was so inspired by it that I ask him to collaborate with me on a custom bag.

Justin Deines from Old North Wind
I got right to work and decided that I wanted a bag that could hold my phone on the outside and I wanted it big enough to hold an Ipad and two glasses cases (like the one above). So I drew a sketch a illustrate how I wanted my bad to look like. I talked to Justin about it and he liked it. We had to do some minor changes like a bigger strap and a different way to mount the phone holder to make it even better.

I cut out all the wood pieces for my bag- a labor of love! I really liked the grain on this piece of wood and was happy that it was also light weight.

Then I handed it over to the master leather maker Justin. Some how he worked his magic and next thing I knew I had this awesome, one of a kind bag that I helped design and make. I always get compliments on my custom bag and I love that it hold everything that I wanted it to hold.